Croatian and German to English Translation

Rudolf Vedo, CT (Croatian>English)

Rudolf Vedo, CT A member of the American Translators Association

ATA-Certified Translator for Croatian into English

Please contact me at vedotranslation (at) gmail (dot) com or ph. (+1) 815-566-2340 to discuss your translation needs. 

Are you looking for an experienced, flexible Croatian>English translator and interpreter?  I am a native English speaker with near-native Croatian ability and am certified by the American Translators Association for Croatian into English translation.


Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, and German into English are my regular working pairs.


My experience includes 4 years living in Croatia, where, as the translation and interpretation coordinator for the European Community Monitor Mission, my responsibilities included translating a wide variety of general and specialized texts from Croatian into English, consecutive and escort interpreting, managing a 10-member translation team, editing, and proofreading. In addition, I developed and implemented interpreter role-play training scenarios and tested and trained all interpreter and translator candidates for the ECMM’s large roster of freelancers.  I am currently an ATA certification grader and chair of the ATA's workgroup for Croatian to English certification.



I have also lived in Germany and studied business and economics (in German) as well as German language at the University of Kiel. With 10 years' experience as in-house technical documentation staff for a German-owned US company, I have extensive experience translating technical specifications, operations manuals and research reports relating to industrial equipment, as well as advertising materials, financial and legal documents, and news articles.



With an honors degree in Economics and an advanced degree in European Studies, I am uniquely qualified to meet the challenge of providing high quality, context-sensitive translations in today's complex world.